Popes' Palace

Is the monument symbol of  Viterbo, built under the Pope Alexander 4th by the same architect of Popes' Palace in Avignone.

The Palace hides thousands of secrets and it's near the Dome where the remains of Saints Ilario and Valentino are preserved.

 Medieval  San Pellegrino

Noble palaces, poor houses, towers, courtyards, galleries, balconies, arches, outside staircases : entirely built by stones of grey "Peperino", intact as in the Middle Ages, a wonderful document  of the 13th century life in Viterbo.


Photo by Marco Sbaffoni



Thermal Baths

Date back to Etruscan times when Viterbo was Popes' Headquarters and, as they used to go there, were called "Popes' Baths".

The thermal Centre offers various treatments as Areosol, baths, mud-baths, nebulization, massages, vasculopatic therapy  and so on.

Saint Rose Machine

The Transport of S.Rose Machine  takes place every year during the evening of 3rd September and, without any doubt, is  the event of the year for all the citizens.

An enlighted tower, 29 mts high, 5 tons heavy, is carried on the shoulders of a hundred porters along a 1200mts route in the very centre of Viterbo. Since 2014 the Machine has been

proclaimed heritage of the world.



Photo by Simone Tagliaferri

Golf Club Viterbo

Only 2 kms far from downtown,  born in 2009 with the intent to create a place for training to expert players and to those who like to improve this sport.

The welcome to the visitors is very cosy : the Lady of the Club, beside to be a smart woman, is  a good cook and her husbandt, an architect who likes painting and carving. The son Francesco, is the  young  teacher of the Golf Activity of the Club.

Villa Lante

Is the symbol of Bagnaia, a Viterbo's borough. Its water-games, its italian gardens are always an emotional sight.



Photo by Ljuba brank

Civita from Bagnoregio

That Bonaventura Tecchi, a famous mathematician , called "THe dying town" because of the risk to slide down owing to the soil where was founded. Amazing its location:on top of a hill.



Photo by Consorzio Teverina




The remains of the roman town are at 6 kms far from Viterbo along the Tiber route.

 The archeological area presents huge ruins of a roman theatre.

 The Monsters Park in Bomarzo

Was built under Vicino Orsini Prince at the half of the16th century.

Big statues and Peperino Sculptures, most of them mythological, are spread around the wood.



Beech-Trees Wood

On the Cimino  Mountain is about 50 hectares large.On top of it were discovered remains of a huge complex from the Bronze Age.



Photo by Webnovo

Natural Reserve of Vico's Lake

3200 hectares surrounded by mountains whose tops represent the mouth of Vicano Volcano that 400.000 years ago gave the birth to the Vico's Lake. Very interesting is the natural environment.



"Panorama del Lago di Vico" di Stefano Fiaschi


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